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Author Topic: N. Komaeda - Alien Whitelist Application  (Read 50 times)

N. Komaeda

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N. Komaeda - Alien Whitelist Application
« on: September 30, 2017, 01:26:34 AM »

N. Komaeda

Alyse Myrah,
James Kinlay,
Derek Myrah,
The Sicarius Program,
Morgain Constat,
Seth Charity.

Alien or Head:

If Alien, What Alien?

Background of character(s):
Rigilail Mesareil the Justicar, as he refers to himself, is a middle aged Unathi hailing from Moghes, grew up as a sleek and swift warrior as the son of a warchief. Training for all his life, his contribution to the Unathi society was through tracking down cattle at first. When his father decided it was time, Rigilail got assigned other worlds to scout on, so that the warchief may expand further into space. Abandoning Moghes, they went to a scorching planet in the vicinity and expanded the domain for the Unathi and the clan. Rigilail was employed by his father to be his personal protector and bodyguard, as he was thought incapable of actually killing an equally strong opponent. Rigilail, not accepting this opinion about him, settled on studying a bit more into the will and tactics of the previous warchiefs during safe periods. He was quickly "corrected" because of this, as his fellows thought he wasn't contributing to the Unathi society at all. He was physically corrected by the other protectors multiple times, as they too thought he was a useless asset to the group, to the point of being abused and maimed because of his search for, what he called, the truth.

Continuously going through the wills and stratagems of previous warchiefs, Rigilail noticed a rite of honour being stated by a previous warchief, Mesareil the Justicar. This warchief had decided on an honourable event, where the next heir to the current warchief would engage a rite of combat with their lord. Rigilail, in the name of Mesareil, set forth this tradition. When his father accepted, he, surprisingly enough to the fellow Unathi, made quick work of him, as the young Unathi had focused on hit-and-run attacks. However, Rigilail never killed his father, as he did not see the necessary appeal as warchief. His father, perplexed by what happened, expelled him from the clan, and allowed killings on his son, as he broke a code of war, according to him.

Sparing his father, Rigilail left the clan and the world with a space pod. Seeking to become more adept in technology and communication with other species. Though slow, he started learning the Galactic Common language and interacted with many others during his travels. After turning 31, Rigilail decided on investigating a distress signal, where he found a NanoTrasen Expeditionary Corps being attacked by a group of 5 Vox Raiders. Coming out hurt but victorious, Rigilail was given adequate medical care and, shortly after, accepted onto station work to eventually become part of the NanoTrasen Security Force.

Why do you want to be on the whitelist?:
I have been whitelisted before for the role of Head, specifically Head of Security, which is the department I want to specialise Rigilail in. I've also noticed there is a lack of Unathi on the station, to the extent where I've seen more Tajaran in my game-time than the Unathi. In my opinion, they're really cool and their search for military advancement in any form is inspiring.

How good (According to you) are you at roleplay?:
I believe I'm a fairly good roleplayer, though I do have to say some of my characters are less responsive than should be. I intent to work on this over the coming period, and I hope that there's room for me to grow there, so my and other's experiences can be enhanced even further.

Do you, or did you have any previous bans on our server?:
I don't have any.

Have you read the wiki page about the species, and will you follow these?:
Have you read the Rules and Job-Rules, and will you follow them?:

I'll be working on my records for Rigilail soon enough



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Re: N. Komaeda - Alien Whitelist Application
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