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Author Topic: DimasW - Alien Whitelist Application  (Read 57 times)


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DimasW - Alien Whitelist Application
« on: October 09, 2017, 07:11:19 PM »


Dimas Window (Chief Engineer/ Station Engineer)
Jeff Window (Scientist)
Rabi (Cyborg) - Not used anymore
Rabi Klinkton (Surgeon) - Small canon
Backup characters (Rarely used):
Captive (AI)
Jacob Addison (Scientist)
Emmanuel Dawkins (Shaft miner)
Gael Overstreet (Chef)

Alien or Head:

If Alien, What Alien?

Background of character(s):
Roschi Mi was born in 15.09.2538 on planet Sirisai with dark blue feathers as a male. The empire decieded to let him imprint into a pack with a medical focus. His pack consisted of a total of five, three of them being female. In the medical school he was teached the basics of resomi atonamy and metabolism. It's reactions with diffrent chemicals both benefitial and dangerous. In the age of 16 he found his love with one of the his pack members. Her name was Siven Mi with dull gray feathers. They developed a strong bond and wanted to raise a child. The faith that happend to Roschi also happend to his child, taken away from the empire.
The loss was devestating for the couple and endangerd boths final education.

With the education finished both they were send to one of the empires colonies that was near the border. The planet was freshly electromagentic sterilized and nearly all electric equipment was not available. Most rations that were aviable were just nutrient paste and meat was a luxury. Roschi treated basic diseases up to broken bones and even damaged organs. His loyality towards the empire started to ware off each day he spend on the planet. Trying to find potential slips to flee and to even leave the ones loved to escape hell. In his free time he spend studing the atonamy of the most common species and their biology.

One of the interrested companys outside of the empire were Vey-Med a heavily focused company by the skrell. Roschi visited one of the planet outside the borders of the empire and tried to apply for the company. His medical skills proved to be good enough and was accepted. Spending years living outside the empire trying to learn galatic common more focused. Roschi was later offerd a position in a NanoTrasen research station with a overall better payment.

Why do you want to be on the whitelist?:
I wanna be smull fluff. Jokes beside, I think could add a bit more deviserty into the station and widen up interactions between people. I see myself fit for the roleplay to play as a resomi by preparing and carefully reading through the lore. There is no practical experience but if mistakes are notice please report emidetly so I can improve.

How good (According to you) are you at roleplay?:
Good is relative diffrent seen by each person. I wont see me fit enough to speak in a broken language how LLC is doing it or primitive thinking. Reacting to loud noises should be a easy task and a adding cultural flavor. I try to encourage myself to use me" more often.

Do you, or did you have any previous bans on our server?:
I have no bans right now and the

Have you read the wiki page about the species, and will you follow these?:
Have you read the Rules and Job-Rules, and will you follow them?:

If possible I want this character to be also a Chief Medical Officer. I made sure that I played enough medical and part of it even looked through the code to know the mechanics. The base of the medical records will be taken over from my CE application and employment records will be also added. Thanks for reading!
Dimas Wiedemann



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Re: DimasW - Alien Whitelist Application
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2017, 08:54:36 PM »

Awan was here
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Re: DimasW - Alien Whitelist Application
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2017, 06:15:18 PM »

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