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  • February 20, 2018, 10:56:54 AM
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Author Topic: Racer64 - Head Whitelist Application  (Read 20 times)


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Racer64 - Head Whitelist Application
« on: February 07, 2018, 09:06:43 AM »


In order of creation:
Wayne Martins (Retired)
Erik Duncan (Retired)
Peter Harris (Main)
Tyler Braun

Alien or Head:

If Alien, What Alien?

Background of character(s):
Peter Harris was always fascinated with taking things apart in order to learn how they worked. Under the care of his parents, Michael and Anna Harris, he taught himself how to wire circuits to Michael's chagrin. One of the earliest devices he designed was an override to the lunchroom door at his mother's office workplace. Michael believed his son should follow in his steps, as a SolGov official, and took any opportunity to push this career onto Peter, who opposed this notion. Peter often got into trouble growing up, lashing out against "the system". His now-estranged father, a SolGov official, always seemed to make the problems that came from Peter's behavior go away, so Peter developed a misplaced sense of immunity from consequence. Barely scraping through a doctorate in electronics, he found himself moving from company to company, problems following him wherever he went.

Two months prior to his transfer to the Apollo, Peter was working on an Odysseus mech aboard the NCV Potemski. Against protocol, he rewired the mech's speed controller. The accident that followed resulted in significant damage to the Potemski's cargo bay, and Peter himself was thrown from the cockpit and became entangled in live electrical wires. It took several weeks and multiple cryo tube sessions for Peter to recover from his injuries. Following recovery, Peter transferred to the Apollo amidst ongoing scrutiny from Centcom, most often through officer Ortega, who was assigned as a sort of parole officer. Peter views the Apollo as his "last chance", and over the time he's been on the station has made an effort to improve himself. "No more running," has become his mantra as of late. With the assistance of others on the station, he received on-the-job training for R&D work, archeology, limited xenobiology, and very basic toxins research. He's still happiest working with his circuits, and while aboard the Apollo has developed several devices, such as the HM-5 "Pocket Medic" among others.

Why do you want to be on the whitelist?:
A transition to Research Director seems to be the next logical step for the character's development. I personally know most aspects of the department, having used robotics, xenobio, R&D, xenoarch, the basics of xenoflora, basic toxins (still learning that), integrated circuits, and AI upload mechanics.

How good (According to you) are you at roleplay?:
I keep myself fairly separated from my characters. I think through how they should reasonably behave in their situations, like being annoyed at things that I'm laughing at behind my keyboard. I enjoy making use of /me to convey emotions through things such as facial expressions, or mumbling while walking away.

Do you, or did you have any previous bans on our server?:
No current or former bans

Have you read the wiki page about the species, and will you follow these?:
Have you read the Rules and Job-Rules, and will you follow them?:


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