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Server Announcements / APOLLO 2.0 IS NOW LIVE!
« on: June 18, 2018, 01:13:40 AM »
((The code is now LIVE, feel free to join us! In case you had forgotten us, here is our DISCORD: https://discord.gg/RGba3G2 where we are most active!))

Ladies, gentleman, and everything in between: I present to you Apollo 2.0.

**What is Apollo 2.0?**
Apollo 2.0 is what we have internally termed the new code release that Laser's been working on for over a year. There are a lot of new items on the list, so I'll just briefly go over some of the more exciting ones:

Persistent Economy (Money in your bank account carries over to the next round)
Permadeath (For those that toggle it on)
Persistent character promotions (No longer a whitelist: Almost everything is now done IC'ly, like we said we would do)
Better lighting (Think VG's lighting system!)
Optimizations (No longer a laggy piece of shit)

And a whole bunch of more stuff that would make this announcement much longer than it needs to be. I know I personally hyped up the Persistent economy for quite a while in the past, and now the staff team has come together to deliver on our promise to you, the player. We'll be releasing a detailed changelog shortly after the code comes live, so you can scour it over and discover what Laser managed to sneak in when we weren't looking.

I thank all of you for your patience and understanding during all this time. I know it's been difficult to spend such a long time without hearing news, but thanks to all your efforts in testing the code, it's now ready to go live.

**What about the map?**
As you can all see in #mapping-project, we are on-schedule to have the map finished in good order. While I won't promise a specific date, given the volunteer nature of the job, I can say that I've been personally satisfied with the progress that's been done, and I'm hopeful we can soon push out the new map to the satisfaction of all.

**And what are you doing to adress the low playercount?**
I've talked a lot about this with Laser, and we've decided that we are going to start actively advertising Apollo. In what form we are still considering, but some options include:


And others. In this regard, I personally welcome any and all ideas to help us reach out to new players and draw them into the server, and if you have one such idea, to get in contact with me via PM's.

**What now?**
For the time being, we'll get back to work on the map. Laser will be on standby to help smooth out any bugs that pop up from the new code, and the @Coder/Spriter/Mapper boys will be getting the new map fleshed out. We'll also be looking at ways to advertise across different platforms to get our playercount back into the 20's we had under XRev.

And that's it for updates. Stay tuned in this space for new updates as they come.

Server Announcements / New Feedback form now online (Apollo)
« on: December 04, 2017, 07:10:15 PM »
Hello, and welcome back!

We have been having some meetings with some of our management and some staff in regards to Apollo and its future, I understand some have given up their hopes for a comeback, which is understandable. But we haven't.

We have made a new form which we would like everyone to fill out, the form is the standard feedback form from 6 months ago but with some additions and small changes.

We believe it is vital to do another feedback round to better understand the community's view and how they want things to go. So we would kindly ask everyone to fill out the form ASAP so we can start gathering feedback and make this a better place for everyone.

LINK TO FORM: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1n-vEP3rV3A-thcCTQ6jaYzvpTsJCEOPbr8FHVsLh9Lc

We thank you kindly for helping us make Apollo a better place!

Server Announcements / Welcome to our new Community Manager
« on: May 30, 2017, 03:06:04 PM »
We have been internally discussing this for some time now, most administrators seem to agree, and the (existing) Community Managers have given it approval.

Dilqui has been busy with basically most tasks a Community Manager should do for some time now. And in discussion we felt it would be the best decision to make him an official one.

So welcome, Dilqui to your new position as Community Manager, I hope we will together make this a great server!

Server Suggestions / Small Features #1 (Spessmen edition)
« on: May 16, 2017, 04:25:27 PM »
Since we closed the discord suggestions section, there hasn't been much room in the way of smaller improvements, minor suggestions and ideas, so I figured it may be good to have such an area!

So feel free to post things that wouldn't necessarily need its own topic

Server Announcements / Apollo's Current state
« on: May 02, 2017, 02:46:53 PM »

I figured it was just the right thing to post, assuming most if not all have seen the current state of affairs the server is in, and its dwindling playercount and whatever else we're having problems with right now.

Wtf happened?
A few months ago when I began working on the code, things went pretty damn well. Most things worked after some trial and error, and at the moment most of the SQL things we implemented are working and are as robust as they can probably get, trying not to get the same SQL-death results Kwask seemed to have on the old server.

Although some shit went wrong, I am still not sure what, why or how. I have literally spent day after day looking through edits, looking at errors and trying to ask Lummox (BYOND Dev/Owner) to assist. Lummox said he had resolved the issue and the beta was updated... But yeah, that didn't work at all. Eventually I resolved it with 1 whole line of code. But it's a quickfix and it doesn't resolve the cause. Now we're dealing with some broken SQL things, a processor that can't do jack shit and a garbage controller that just doesn't seem to want to control the garbage and get rid of it. Thus causing lag spikes, freezes and other unpleasantries.

So now what?
I have recently seen 2 pull requests show up in the Baystation codebase; The TG processor, and the /vg/ lighting. The processor is going to do us so much more good than anything we could've done ourselves. And the lighting will throw us back into the right way, because everybody loves pretty lights in games!

At the moment, our server is in a stand-by mode. The server is up and will continue to be running for you all to play on. I will not however spend much more time developing a codebase that is broken, energy spent better elsewhere. I am still working on the new map though. I will be showing screenshots soon, but I want the results to be perfect before we go anywhere with it. That map is our one-way ticket to fame.... Maybe.

But back to stand-by, most of you have seen inactivity by admins/mods, players and even myself. I would love for everyone to just join the server but I do understand that it is not that much fun to go on a broken server. So I hope you will all return to us when we do a re-reboot and get ourselves back on that number 1 spot on the hub!

Where did you go laser?
I dedicated this extra thing to myself since I do believe people want an answer and should get one either way.
I currently work quite a lot. My home situation is no longer allowing me to have much fun, I need to pay for everything myself these days. One of my cats needed surgery on his teeth, I did not know one could ask that much money for removing a teeth but hey, guess I'll do it myself next time.
But any way, beside working I need to spend time with friends, family and my girlfriend, I need to figure out where I want to go with my life and how I am going to do that, and I am also looking into getting my own place.

I am not leaving you guys, I will be more active when Baystation merges those 2 magical things and we have great plans moving forward. We will rise, and we will be the best server SS13 has seen once more!

I hope that should be enough information for y'all for now. and I hope you understand whats going on, If you have any questions please feel free to post them here, ask them on discord or message me directly on steam/discord/Forum PM.

- Laser

Extra note; I still urge everyone to post your suggestions on the forums, we need big game-changing features that make us different from the rest. The more the better! You could even take some inspiration from other server's suggestions forums, because 90% of these doesn't ever get used any way. And we may have a great place for them here!

Server Information / Donations - How-to & Perks
« on: March 25, 2017, 10:12:01 PM »
The donator system will soon go through a bunch of changes soon, you won't lose anything, but the system will change into a time-based system with a standard donator term being 6 months

We have re-opened our server donation page to the public again, This topic is made to give you some general info on donating, how it works, and what you get in return. Please do not forget that a donation is there to help us to continue funding and expanding the server, from SS13 and beyond!

Where do Donations go?
The received donations will go to the Apollo Gaming paypal business account, which will be used to fund the server(s), fund our forums, and pay for our domain. When we have enough money and are certain to be able to keep it up, we may expand our servers, and upgrade the existing ones to support better playability for everyone!

How do we donate to the server?
Currently the only option is paypal, and can be done through our donation page:
Other options may be possible, but you will have to PM me for that. But I prefer the paypal way if possible.

Donator Perks
(Still need to hold a meeting with community managers about this, but it should be roughly how we'll do this.)
Depending on what you donate, you are gifted one to several forms of account-based items. For legal reasons, we are not obliged to provide you with the items listed below. All donations are non-refundable.
Currently for donating you will receive the following:

10 euros:
Donator status on our forums, In-Game and on Discord. Giving you access to the donator-only subforum.
Donator Status In-Game Grants you a donator OOC color, and a donator color in the 'who' command, And 10 loadout points.
15 euros:
- All of the above
Access to 20 loadout points In-Game, these are mostly cosmetic items.
(If there is a cosmetic item you wish to have added to the loadout list, please contact me and we'll see if it can be added.)
20 euros:
- All of the above.
Any existing item re-sprited. Though we will not provide sprites (as we don't have dedicated spriters), you are free to ask anyone on the discord to create said sprites. Sprites must fit our server's art style. Vanity only.
Cyborg, pAI, AI re-sprite. Same rules apply as above.

Once donations have been sent, please allow for some time for staff to be notified before anything is applied. Be sure to let a staff member know once you have donated so that they can check, and thank you for supporting our server!

Server Announcements / [!] Player character dump
« on: March 20, 2017, 05:45:54 PM »
Hello everyone!

After some time of trying and looking at it, we've decided that we will keep characters saved in player files right now rather than SQL. This means that your characters will not be ported over. Our apologies, but getting that done would take a whole lot of effort and time. Time better spent on server development and growth!

As promised, I have prepared a dump of all Apollo characters and the useful information people would assumably want to have. You can CTRL+F your character name and the info should be there! We will be switching code soon(ish), so after that we should not be resetting for a while.


Whitelist Applications Area / FORWARD NOTICE
« on: March 09, 2017, 09:22:46 PM »
Just a quick note, remember that if you have played head before on Kwasks server or had been white-listed before you do not have to create an application. If you did not have access to any head roles then you would.

Same goes for all alien species.

Server Announcements / Apollo Gaming welcomes you! (Old Announcement)
« on: March 09, 2017, 10:20:02 AM »
Hey there guys, welcome to our new forums! I hope we can make this place get some use and get out community to grow as a solid one! I have many great plans and I hope to reveal them to you soon. But we need some time behind-the-scenes to adapt, and recover from a small bit of chaos that has fallen upon us.
But lets go over a few things, since I believe some would love an answer to most of these things.

Any way, lets get on to business;

Server Code/Github:

Currently the code, map and basically everything you see is our temporary code. It's pretty much just a downloaded source without too much changes so we could organize some games and play the game, we are under /vg/ currently. Which is a mixture with Bay and TG code. It's really really fast and I hope it'll continue to work good for us. A Github will be created soon(ish) but I am awaiting a few more pull requests to come through so our experience will be easier, not just for you but also for me.. Updating code is a bitch. Also do not forget this code is incompatible with anything I've thrown at it. So we can't just "copy that shit".. Unfortunately.


Firstly, yes, you will get your status back. However we are still unsure how we will handle the system. But we will most likely limit donators to 2 custom items. But we will discuss this today most likely and figure all this out.
For the time being, we have our donation page set up as well and it works! Everything going in will flow right back into the community for server hosting/website hosting/domain/a case for the towel-PC (If you were at the last community meeting you'd know!) You can access it here: http://www.apollo-gaming.net/index.php?action=treasury Feel free to take a look! Your donator status will be added once our systems are functional. We promise!

Characters/SQL Situation:

As for right now, the code is doing this crazy mix of SQLite, MySQL and regular savefiles to save its shit. I have no idea who made that up, or why it seemed like a good idea but now we're stuck with that. So now we'll have to re-do most of the saving across the entire code. Awan has agreed to work on that and I'll support him since he knows SQL a lot better than I do. But I'll try to learn and see if I can get all this done in a relatively short time.


Whitelists will (for now) go through an application form which has not yet been set up (but will be done soon), obviously again everyone who is currently on the whitelist will be added again.

IC Relations, ERP and whatever:

Since this has been asked and there has been some discussion over it, we will be clear; You are free to have an In-Character relationship as you choose, aslong as it is done with proper role play and isn't a new method for metagaming. But we will not condone erotic role play of ANY kind. Not only because you're playing a fucking 2D space game, but also because there's younger kids playing this and we can get into a whole load of legal trouble if one of the parents decides to take action because his kid was doing some weird shit on a game. ERP is not tolerated. And punishments are harsh. (Same goes for the library, if I find porn in there you're out.)

Staff Team:

The staff team is a bit of a mess at the moment, I honestly cannot tell you too much on this other than that we will unfortunately not be able to bring everyone along for the ride. I've spoken with my team, Xrev, Awan and some of your players and admins regarding a list of staff currently on Apollo. I've taken all this advice and have chosen whom I found would best fit our team of Admins. We used to be the best there was, now I'd love to get us back into that seat.
I have also spoken with some and have decided to change their ranks. fluffybunny is currently running as a trial administrator, and rosetango has been upgraded from Mentor to moderator, congratulations to both, I'm sure you'll make great additions to our team!

This will be all for the time being, if you have any questions post them here, send me a private message here or on discord and I will do my best to answer them for you!

Whitelist Applications Area / Whitelist Application Form [Read-Me]
« on: March 08, 2017, 05:16:45 PM »
To make an application, please go to this link:
And fill out the complete form.

Head Application Rules:
  • At least 20 words per question wherever possible. (No one-liners would be nice)
  • Must have experience with said jobs.
  • Must have a character background of at least 300 words, divided into 2 paragraphs
  • Must be able to write English on a fair level, bad English, or failure to use punctuation will get you denied.
  • No existing (job)bans.
  • Must be good at role play, poor role play will get you kicked right out the way you came.

Alien Application Rules:
  • At least 20 words per question wherever possible. (No one-liners would be nice)
  • Good Role-play is a must, we want immersion.
  • Must have a character background of at least 300 words, divided into 2 paragraphs.
  • Must be able to write English on a fair level, bad English, or failure to use punctuation will get you denied.
  • No existing (job)bans.
  • Must have FULLY read the page regarding species. Not just the race you are applying for.

If you are applying for the alien creatures, you must read this: http://www.wiki.apollo-gaming.net/index.php/Species

Server Information / [WIP] Server Rules
« on: March 08, 2017, 05:14:53 PM »
    General rules on AS17

    The Golden Rules
    If you read nothing else, read these.
    1. Don't tell an Admin/Mod/GM what to do.
    2. Don't Grief, ERP, metagame, or Gank.
    3. Know what RP is, and do it the best you can, in English.
    4. Be excellent to each another. (And)
    5. Don't be a dick.
    6. Know your job and the rules of it, especially security.
    7. Bug exploitation gets you a week ban minimum to permanent depending on how many times you've done it and haven't reported it.

    General Rules
    • Be familiar with Roleplay and the meaning of it.
    • Be aware of how to do your job, and don't act outside your job knowledge.
    • If you're getting attacked and you're pretty sure it's grief, run the hell away, then ahelp it. Retaliating makes it much harder to determine who's in the wrong.
    • Do not commit suicide. If you have to go AFK, log out in the dorms or your office/break room.
    • Do not post anything concerning the current round in OOC chat.
    • Do not end-round grief.
    • Do not log off when arrested/captured as an antag, this is seen as avoiding RP and will get you into trouble.
    • Do not abuse bugs, exploits or use ANY kind of cheats. This'll get you into a lot of trouble.
    Griefing is the primary reason people will be banned.
    Assault, Murder, and Destruction are the primary forms of grief, but it can be a very umbrella term.
    If it screws up someone else and you don't have a good IC reason for it, it's probably grief.

    Meta Gaming
    Meta gaming means knowing information your character should not know.

    The following things are not common knowledge:
    • Names of antagonists that are not officially apart of the crew.
    • Changelings, memes, and aliens are not common knowledge
    • Traitor items / Cult Runes / Wizard Spells
    • Teamspeak is not for in-game chatting, do not use it as such[/b]
      • Nothing beyond vague rumour about antag factions. e.g, you know that Wizards are crazy people in weird robes that are terrorists, but not what the spell Ethereal Jaunt does.
      Usage of the chats
      (NOTE: (IC) and (OOC) tags are used)
      • (IC) Use given department radios, and the main radio channel for professional use only, it's what they are made for.
      • (OOC/IC/AHELP) Disrespecting or insulting an administrator or moderator will get you a permanent ban without any warnings. We're not calling you names, either.
      • (OOC) No offensive language, insulting, racism, discrimination or pornography of any kind.
      • (OOC) Nothing that could be easily asked or stated in IC with a little change.
      • (OOC/IC) Advertising another server will get you permanently banned (Discussing features on a server however is allowed)
      • (OOC) Good English is a requirement, net speak, smileys in IC or any kind of bad grammar is considered bad role play.
      • (OOC/TS) Do not use teamspeak, or any kind of external chat/voice application to replace ingame OOC or IC chat.
      • (AHELP) Not for 'How do I do my job?' questions. The admins aren't there to search and copy-paste from the wiki for you.
      • (AHELP) Not for asking for donator support, that's specifically handled through Laser and Laser alone. Other admins can't help.
      • (AHELP) Adminhelp is not the place to argue your (job)bans or other issues. The forums are.
      Rules regarding AFKing
      • AFKing in the hallways is will likely get your character removed from the round. If you have to leave so urgently you can't get to a good area, you can afford to sit a round out.
      • AFK people should never be attacked or robbed.
      • Antags are encouraged not to absorb/harm AFK players, but doing so is not against the rules.
      • If you spot an AFK person, dragging them to their rest room or the dorms is generally doing everyone a favor.
      Character Naming
      Names Should:
      • Not have been used prominently in any kind of video game, TV commercial or TV show/movie.
      • Consist of a First and last name, capitalized, without honorifics (Doctor, Commander, etc)
      • In general, be a realistic name. "Wolfen Alphahawk" or "Grax Stormdark" will get you laughed at and renamed to something realistically dumb.

      ERP (Erotic Roleplay, RPing sex) will get you an immediate, permanent ban without questions asked, due to how it can legally impact server hosts and staff when underage players are involved. Get your jollies elsewhere.
      Pornography in the library will get you a dayban, plus jobban from the librarian job. There's plenty of other places to go to get your porn from. Not a 2D space game.

      As a general rule, you shouldn't even be approaching first base.

      Playing Security on AS17
      These rules are specifically for Security or Wardens. If you're playing neither, you don't need to worry about these rules.

      Balegrim's security guide will help you stay on the right side of your own Law.

      By our guides, security members are:
      • Vaguely aware of antags such as Wizards, Traitors and Revolutionaries, with arrest-on-sight orders. Security are expected to be the front line against antags, not to aid and assist them.
      • Authorized to perform executions after arrest, if they have permission from the acting captain and either overwhelming evidence, a confession, or a conclusive trial.
      (Overwhelming Evidence is defined as cases such as multiple eyewitnesses, prints on a murder weapon, AI or borg testimony, or anything else that would make a trial unnecessary. We realize these rules may have some problems, but expecting security to follow real-world due process causes long, boring, and impractical trials that simply have never worked in game terms.)
      • Be aware of your responsibilities. Listen to people you're arresting, and investigate a case before assigning a fair punishment. Unless there is a offense ongoing, you have no reason to charge into situations with weapons firing.

      Traitoring/Antag Rules on AS17
      Traitors are part of the syndicate group, but are not actual syndicate operatives.
      Traitors may not:
      • Go on a rampage (Murdering for no reason at all)
      • Ask an admin if you intend to use atmospherics as a weapon, due to it causing lag and stationwide deaths, usually.
      • Blow up areas without any goal or reason.
      • "Gank". Ganking is defined as attacking anyone without prior interaction, especially if they've just arrived on the station. Interaction is required before an attack. (The Gank rule doesn't apply during red alerts, or if the antagonist is considered Kill-On-Sight)
      • Traitors must make attempts at completing their objectives, waiting is okay, not doing them isn't.
      Traitors may:
      • Murder crew members when there is something to gain from it.
      • Blow up parts of the station if there is a good reason. (E.G target is in that area)
      • Sabotage the station to force a shuttle call when their objectives are completed.

      "Friendly" Antags are not a thing, such as "Friendly" Wizards and Changelings. You can try that ploy if you wish, but Security are still compelled to hunt and kill you. Whining that you got shot to death whilst being a 'friendly' antag will get you antag-banned to avoid you having that problem again.

      Syndicate Operatives
      Syndicate Ops are the tough guys, often given the hardest tasks.
      Syndicate Ops may not:
      • Rambo their way into the station (one versus all isn't Role Play)
      • Kill unarmed civvies without reason.
      • Take over the station (You are trained and given an objective, right.)
      • Ganking is forbidden, too.

      I will add on this list as I go along.
      This list may change slightly within the first few weeks of enforcement, but will remain mostly consistent. For now, these are our official rules. Any questions (punishments for anything not on this list, or rules that might need adding) can be made elsewhere.

      These rules assume some common sense. Finding loopholes in rules will not let you off, it'll just get you a worse ban. Our vision for Apollo is a solid, strong RP base in which to play good, fair antag rounds that make for some memorable stories. Stick with that vision, and you should be fine.


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