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Server Suggestions / Re: New species suggestion
« on: March 01, 2018, 08:09:29 PM »
Hello there once again, no I am not giving up on this. Yes, Iíve been thinking of more to add, and here it is.

So, long story short, Iíve been heavily considering how to go about finishing up the lore and what not that is unfinished or unpolished. Letís get this straight though: I understand the likelihood of this becoming an actual species is extremely slim, but thatís alright, I like to offer the idea and concept regardless. The reasons that would make this species difficult to make reality are, obviously, the coding and sprinting aspects. Lore and all of that is relatively easy for me to be honest. I love coming up with concepts, and wouldnít be adverse to re-writing an entire species if it was needed to improve them overall. Maintaining their lore, and acting as a reference point for in-game issues or what not is a problem Iím more than capable of handling with or without help. Spriting, I also have handled thanks to a friend who is excellent at it, and has expressed a desire to gladly sprite them if given the chance. Coding is the main issue, and while I do have a friend who is relatively good at it, I canít be certain as to their reliability for the reasons that they may not always be in the mood or able to do so. I would be willing to learn, but my current skill couldnít even really be said to be at a high school level, so thatís not promising as of now. If people were ok with it/wanted it, and I were allowed to do so, I would give it my all to make them reality, and a good one at that. But, I digress. Hereís to an alternate take on the concept.

Essentially, these are the changes to the lore I would propose (no mechanical changes as of yet, but again, thatís malleable, this is just to give them a more solid identity concept). They would be, rather than an until-now undiscovered species, a sort of Ďfallení one. What I mean by this is simple. Once, they were a powerful race from ancient times, older even than the Skrell. However, through an unknown (and still under brainstorming) doomsday/Armageddon type event or perhaps even due to another species, their grand scale and power was devastated. They were all but extinct in fact, with a small handful of survivors being the lucky few to begin repopulating. Fast forward, say, a couple hundred years or so, and theyíve begun to resurface (pun intended). Theyíre an ancient race from a bygone era, and have lost about 97% of their former history and technological power. All of their current technology comes from these glory days, and they lack the capabilities to replicate almost even the simplest part of any of it. Their current culture revolves around remembering the days of old, or as they have deemed it, the Age of Ascension, where they believed themselves equal to a civilization of deities. They were secluded and never met with other species, but in their prime they would be on par with the Skrellian-Human alliance in power. Now, they barely even register on the galactic scale, about on par with the Wryn. The oldest members are ancient beings, known as the Elders, and are hundreds of years in age. However, even they barely recall the Age of Ascension, having been born at the beginning of its downfall, and all of their current history, knowledge, and culture extends off the information that these Elders remember, in addition to any artifacts or even ancient texts that are nearly indecipherable to them. The Shellís are the most advanced things available to them, but cannot be replicated or reproduced and are limited. Of the approximately 3,000~ Andromeda left (not including the 137 Elders), only around 1,200~ have a Shell tuned to their biological signal. These lucky Andromeda serve as the primary workforce as well as the only ones who are able to leave the planet. Their first contact with NT is unchanged. Their biology and physiology are unchanged. Language has gone through slight revision, namely that I think the previous form was rather dumb, and was not well thought out. The color to vocal language translation by Shell is unchanged, but the way this would be typed out in role play in-game will be different than I previously thought of. Revision is still underway, but iím working more along the line of an archaic form of language. Not exactly Ďye old arthurian middle agesí type, but old and a clearly ancient language. One that would suggest that they come from a background more grandiose than their appearance. How I would do this, iím still unsure of, but iíve got ideas. Their current government (or now rather lack thereof) is completely removed, and instead they have something along the following lines: They are more tribal and live in separation from each other, in these sort of Ďclansí. I say tribal, but thatís merely to represent that theyíre not really a true government or well thought out system, itís just a band of like-minded Andromeda who have come together into a loose group held together only by ideals. There is the Bloom (yes re-used from before, I still like the name) who believe that they are merely awaiting their chance to re-awaken their old empire. One day, they will discover a breakthrough that will propel their species as a whole back to a new dawn, where they will rise once more above the waves of their world and this time spread to the corners of the galaxy, enacting a true Era of Culmination. Their belief stems from the tendency of real life Jellyfish to, after having lived for quite some time, to Ďdieí in a way, returning to a previous form of their own life wherein they act as a dormant and vacant vessel of sorts. After a time, this vessel reawakens and grows to become a newly young and fresh version of the old one. This, of course, is why they are called the Bloom. The Brood, on the other hand, believe that they will never achieve the same heights as they once had. Or rather, not through waiting around and simply hoping for some astounding breakthrough that they think will never come. No, they are not content with this, and instead follow the belief that in order to regain their glory and power, they must forcefully break limitations by any means necessary. They are unrelenting, unflinching, and will push against the tide in order to achieve their goals. What exactly they are attempting to achieve is privy only to them, and their secrets are deserving of execution for any who divulge it to those who are not official members.  Finally, there are the Blossoms, who believe something entirely different from the others: that there never WAS an Age of Ascension. Or rather, that if there was ever one, that the strange artifacts that were discovered and subsequently are indecipherable are in truth not of Andromeda creation, but are evidence of other species tampering. They think that there is nothing, in truth, for them to build back to. They wonít ever get to the point they were at before, because to them, there WAS no before. Instead, they accept their current situation, even embrace it, and find it to simply be something they must endure. They are not content to sit around like the Bloom, nor are they overly aggressive and secretive like the Brood. They are a sort of balance, looking instead to better understand this world and the outside galaxy, and to determine their place within it. It is this clan who first made contact with NanoTrasen, and it is perhaps due to this that communications started off as well as they did. They are open to outside species, much more so than the other clans, and indeed welcome the opportunity to interact with and learn more of other races and species. Now then, the important part is how they would perform jobs, and what they would prefer. To begin with, they would have to be a member of a certain clan for certain jobs (some are open to all, but if they were to be, say, a security officer, they would almost certainly have to be a member of the Brood rather than the other two and should role play accordingly. A researcher however might be either Brood or Blossom, depending on how they go about research. An engineer, despite what you might think, would actually be either a Bloom or a Blossom, with a small chance for them to be a Brood under specific circumstances. This is because Bloomís believe on maintaining the status quo until a great change occurs. As such, while they donít wish to get creative and make great changes, they do wish to keep everything as it is and see flaws and damage as faults that should be corrected. Thus, they make great Roboticists and engineers, as well as performing medical jobs. However, it should be said that while the three clans are all different, they all share one thing in common: they require a purpose. As such, jobs with no clear purpose, or open ended ones that are not clear in their reasoning to them, is beyond them. Being a passenger seems useless to them, as well as a botanist, or even in certain cases supply positions. Why not have everything they could need right on the station? Why go through the trouble of calling an entire ship to the station just for some chemical refills? If they do operate supply, such small orders will likely seem trivial and needless. Furthermore, mining is so open ended and tireless that they have trouble doing it, as well as cooking. Why make something, or collect something, that may never be needed or used? What if someone doesnít like the dish, then it would be wasted, so whatís the point in taking such a risk of wasted resources? This is how their thought processes work. When it comes to security, or medical, or engineering, or even research, they have a single goal with clear reasoning behind it to work towards. Capture the criminal who just murdered someone, repair the damage to the hull that was just reported, heal the wound on the man who was just assaulted, or shove needless or wasteful materials that could be better used elsewhere into the analyzer in order to upgrade the stations facilities. They follow a strict system of simple laws: Preserve, Conserve, and Fulfill. Preserve their current state and protect their livelihood and what they still have, Conserve all materials and resources they can, and Fulfill their purpose in all things. Having lived with a very limited amount of valuable resources, these are the laws that they all unanimously have agreed to follow regardless of their clans or beliefs. Breaking these laws is tantamount to destroying their chances of progress towards a better future, and is punishable by nothing less than immediate execution or, in certain cases, banishment without supplies.

Server Suggestions / Re: New species suggestion
« on: February 05, 2018, 10:38:22 PM »
If this too long then the summary here should suffice in the important bits, namely the changes made. If need be a new post can be made for the new information, but Iíd rather wait to be sure that itíll stay with this current info before doing that.
This is the newest rendition that includes a bit of the lore and government added in, in addition to a few changes about their physiology (the empathic ability has been removed) and their language has been added in as well as speech patterns. Iíve also added in more about their homeworld and have made a significant change to how the Shell is powered (strange crystal removed in favor of another more theme fitting and less snowflakey power source). Itís quite extensive, so everything above this is the summarization of the changes made. The full text is as follows. Remember, critique and nitpicking is highly advised and very much wanted, if you have an idea or suggestion please do give it and it will be discussed. Also, thank you for uploading the mock up sprite Blue, very helpful to give a visual of what it would likely look like in-game.

Culture/government: The Andromeda culture is an interesting one, as is their method of structure for buildings their homes and other buildings. Their buildings are constructed from pure ice, and done so through a unique method that involves an intelligent usage of their defense mechanism. Ice VII, as it is known to humans, is among the most stable and pressure resistant forms in existence, which has a special property to it that allows the Andromeda race to utilize it as they do. When introduced to shockwaves or constant pressure, the ice crystallizes and hardens in mere nanoseconds. Due to this unique function of the ice, when the Andromeda use their sonic punch on a sufficiently developed area, it forms this incredibly tough ice. Through this, a group of Andromeda's can quickly construct large structures of pure ice, and this is also heavily featured in much of their technology as well. The Shell also features this ice latticed around the interior of it, within the cooled confines that the Andromeda is in. In keeping with the theme of their preference to colder climates and using ice for their buildings and technology, their fuel and method of generating energy being a strange crystal doesnít fit with the theme and should be removed. Instead, I have come up with a suitable replacement that still fits with the theme so far. This replacement is Methane clathrate, otherwise known as flammable ice. Put simply, the ice is placed in a container separated from the cockpit of the pod (just in a different section, itís not outside the Shell or anything) and not submerged in water. This store of flammable ice is ignited and used in conjunction with a very miniaturized supermatter reactor to power the Shell (the flammable ice is ignited whenever necessary to power the supermatter, and doused when it needs to cool and not generate too much energy). EMPíS would still have the same effect, but rather than stop the reactor it would simply stop the power from running to the rest of the Shell for a short time. As for culture and government, these are more difficult concepts to set in stone. When it comes to family, they donít have a basic family as we do. They reproduce in the same way that most jellyfish and fish do, and do not stick around to raise their young ones. Instead, they learn as they grow and survive. They will often find an adult to follow around, during which they observe the adult and learn by viewing their actions. They grow very quickly, as within the span of a few years they reach complete maturity. Once they reach maturity they are accepted as members of the community and will usually join with a small band of other newly matured adults. These bands, called a brood, will normally explore and learn as much as they can. After a number of years within this brood, those who reach the third stage of their lives, the point in time where they become able to reproduce, (usually around 17-18 years of age is when this change occurs) will leave to go into a course of work. They have free choice of where they go, and are able to change out of any one course into another only once in their life, unless it is into Off-World course. The courses of work are designated and created by the Bloom, a council of the oldest living Andromeda (usually several hundreds of years old) that make up the government for the species. This council is made up of anywhere between 6-12 Andromeda, but never more or less than that. Furthermore, each one has direct control over the course of work they are assigned upon joining the council. The courses are as follows: Construction, Safeguard, Economic, Exploration, Research, Diplomacy, and Off-World. Each has a large number of jobs that fit into each category, but the name provides the overall purpose. Construction includes things such as the building of Shells, to the making of new buildings. Safeguard is essentially the security force, but rather than stopping crime it is more for the purpose of defending from invaders or dealing with large predator attacks. Economic fits anything and everything that involves basic services and also serves as a sort of miscellaneous area for those that donít fit into the other courses. Exploration is self explanatory. Research is also not hard to figure out. Diplomacy deals with interstellar interactions (this is one of the newer courses, created upon coming into contact with NT). Off-World is the course that all Andromeda who leave Lucerne are under, but this one is also an exception in that it is the only one which requires each Andromeda to have spent a certain length of time in one other course (this is the newest course and any Andromeda that has been in one other course can transfer into it as they please but cannot transfer out until they have spent a certain length of time Off-world).

Language/speech pattern: The Andromeda's do not have vocal cords of any kind, and instead communicate through a sort of complex light show, to put it plainly. They naturally give off a bioluminescent light, but they are also capable of rapidly shifting these lights in a variety of patterns and shades. Each and every color and shade holds a specific meaning to them, which can be further expanded upon by combining a series of these colors to form what can only be described as their form of a sentence. A complex discussion between two Andromeda's can look to be a sporadic rainbow of myriad colors, and arguments can quickly devolve into kaleidoscopic assaults of harsh lights. Translating this into a spoken language is, to put it lightly, no easy venture. This is massively helped with the existence of the Shell however, which observes the lights that the Andromeda exudes and translates it into a rough equivalent in Galactic common (or whatever language it is set to be translated into). It isnít perfect, as sometimes it is difficult to relate a single light to any single word, seeing as how the vast multitude of synonyms and differing phrases in common all can mean the same as a single color, or vice versa. Thus, the translations can come out overly complex and wordy, or can be the exact opposite, and of an extremely basic level, such as a one word response to a complex question, or a long winded sentence in response to something as simple as someone asking how they are. An example of this would be something such as this:
Kevin: Hey! I havenít seen you in a while, you doing pretty well?
Andromeda: By your definition of well, I can only assume you mean my physical and mental condition, which is just as satisfactory as ever.
Kevin: So uh, I take that as a yes...maybe?
Andromeda: Yes.
Kevin: Nice talking to you then..Iím going to go back to work.
Andromeda: The feeling is mutual, human friend Kevin, and I will likewise return to my assigned job to continue my work. Bye.
Granted, there seems to be no consensus between one Andromeda to the next one on what length of response is given to the same question, so one can respond to everything as wordy and as complex as possible just because thatís how their lights are translated, or everything can be translated as simply as physically possible. It all depends on the Andromeda, but it is always one or the other, or a mixture of both at times.

Homeworld: Lucerne is a massive planet, roughly about double the size of Earth or more, yet still below the size of most gas giants such as a Jupiter. It is 75-80% water, with the remaining meager 25% being rock and super dense ice. The atmosphere is mostly hydrogen gas and various other vapors, primarily water vapor. Temperatures vary wildly depending on the position of the planet both from rotation and from its parent starís position in comparison to it, from massive heat in certain areas to frigid temperatures with massive glaciers covering the surface of the water. Further into the oceans depths, a variety of sea life exists that range from small, almost microscopic and low complexity creatures to the incredibly large predatory organisms (the largest being known as the ďmagna mordereĒ and capable of swallowing, just for example, small wales whole). With such a variety of organisms of such discordant and chaotic forms in comparison to one another, there is but one species capable of inherently complex and advanced thinking: the Andromeda's. The furthest depths of the sea floor itself, made from a combination of rock and immensely stable ice, is under a vast amount of constant pressure so powerful that most creatures never see it. Those that do have dedicated physiological functions that allow them to survive, but most cannot remain for too long. The more permanent residents of the sea bed are mostly herbivores, with very few (yet quite successful) predators.

Physiology: The Andromeda's are jellyfish-like in nature, having soft water filled and slightly transparent bodies. They do have a number of organs, but nowhere near as many as most organisms. They are about 18-20 inches in height, and about 10-12 inches wide. They have a series of eyes lining their head underneath the transparent skin. Their brains are highly developed and are easily the most important organ in their bodies. Their bodies take in water and other chemicals, such as oxygen, from their surroundings directly through their skin, and filter any unwanted chemicals/impurities out, and it is because of this that they must be constantly fullly submerged in water. Their appendages are several tentacles of varying uses. Most are used for movement while swimming, but there are 4 main tendrils that are used for grasping prey or objects due to a slightly sturdier build in those arms alone (note that their prey are the exceedingly minute herbivores that swarm the sea floor, so it wouldnít require much strength to grasp them). Their main defense from the few other predators that exist on Lucerne is what can only be described as a ďsonic punchĒ (despite how ridiculous sounding it may be, it does in fact exist in real life: search up the Mantis Shrimp). This is done through the usage of a single appendage through a unique mechanism. This lone arm coils underneath it, hidden by the other tendrils around it, and continues to coil until it cannot physically do so anymore, and is held in place by a small hook like aperture under its main body. The special musculature in this arm allows it store massive amounts of kinetic energy because of this extremely tight coil, acting as a sort of rubber band almost (think a slingshot, itís pulled back continuously far more than it normally should be before being whipped out to fling a projectile at high velocities, thus creating immense power purely from the release of tension) that once released, whips out at such immense speeds that a shockwave of sorts extends from it, capable of punching through the bodies of other sea life with ease. However, this is only possible in water, as the shockwave is partly formed from the water itself being pushed apart by the punch, and the Andromeda wouldnít be able to ever recreate this anywhere else but in a sufficient body of water. They also prefer a colder climate, but do not actually have any issues with other temperatures, it is merely preference.

Server Suggestions / Re: New species suggestion
« on: February 05, 2018, 01:01:27 AM »
Yeah they're very advanced (about the same as every other species anyways) but haven't explored much outside their planet in favor of exploring the entirety of their own. For example, us human's in real life still don't know everything there is to know about the deepest depths of our oceans, yet we know a pretty good amount about space, so it wouldn't be too far of a jump to assume that the reverse could be true as well. As for if it's still water I have considered, my current thoughts are either keeping it water, OR I could see what people think of a more acidic liquid. As of now, the strongest acid known to man (that can metabolize or whatever in water) is Hydronium, so i'm thinking, what if their liquid was more like an acid than a water? Now that's getting dangerously too close to Xcom Andromedons and what not but it's an option. It would make for a decent concept as to why other species, or even NT themselves, don't just straight up invade and destroy the Andromedas. There's also other liquids that don't necessarily have to be acid or whatever but that's just what I've come up with so far for ideas regarding that. Also, nice work on that sprite! I really like it and it's more or less exactly what I imagined it would look like. My thoughts on customizing it are along the lines of whatever job you start in will have a single stripe (either around the side vertically or horizontally) that would have the color of their department (red for security, blue for medical, and so on) and then they could be free to mess with the color's of the rest of the Shell as they like.

Server Suggestions / Re: New species suggestion
« on: February 04, 2018, 07:59:39 PM »
That is more or less the exact size of what I was going for in terms of in relation to humans and what not, so that's all good. As for the plural i've put a lot of thought into it and decided that for the moment, unless a better suggestion is given, the plural will be Andromedas for the sake of simplicity and ease, but the other options are just as viable if it's not an issue for others to get used to saying. I will admit that the power cell and NanoTrasen relation is barebones and wasn't thought of very thoroughly, but I would be glad to hear any suggestions on how you may think that it should go. I do not want them to be snowflakey in the slightest so I would rather get rid of anything and everything that is too much like that. Do you have a potential suggestion on why they might want to work with NanoTrasen and what they can offer NT other than this crystal? The current running idea I have is that they simply haven't explored much of the known universe and what not, and haven't met the other races prior to the human's of NT, so they would use this opportunity to explore and learn, but that's still very much up for debate on the validity of that as a reason for them to be workers on NT stations. Oh and as for the prior part you mentioned in your previous reply of how the targeting would work, I've more or less completely accepted it and have figured it would go something along the lines of: The arms are just the same, targeting head targets their optical sensors and what not (Not unlike that little addition to the sphere from that picture you have there) targeting feet and legs would aim for thrusters and lower body would aim for the outer metal parts of the Shell, whereas targeting the chest would aim for the very center. Any further suggestions from anyone else would be most appreciated and remember, nitpicking is wanted! I will take it all into account and want to have feedback so they can be much more fleshed out. Oh, and that last part in the initial post about the empathic abilities will likely be removed entirely at this rate as it seems maybe too snowflakey and wouldn't have enough actual application in game to really do much, not to mention the very valid points raised by BlooFlar3

Server Suggestions / Re: New species suggestion
« on: February 04, 2018, 04:45:05 AM »
Bloo, I can understand all those points there and they are valid. Again, the whole empathic ability thing was just a thought, definitely doesn't have to actually be in there and I didn't expect it to be accepted/liked, just figured I should put it in there once I had thought of it. The special crystal is essentially my way of trying to figure out how they would be brought onto the station in the first place. Like it makes it so that NT wants this crystal for its power generating properties, but they need the Andromeda species to do it. Thus, they could have an agreement of sorts to protect the Andromeda and allow them on their stations, and in return have to trade a certain amount of these crystals for study. It's not foolproof or any sort of an airtight idea, I legit made it in like 2 hours time so any faults there are reasonable to be there but will be changed if need be. I do like Blue_bit's suggestion on how to change the appearance of the Shell though, it would be better in terms of, well, pretty much everything. The Shell would be no different than being in a EVA suit permanently really, and people on other servers play things like the Plasmamen and what not so I don't see why it wouldn't be really well liked. I do agree with you on the names, they were the thing that I had the most trouble actually thinking of and were the last, they can be heavily changed to fit any more suggestions. As for the weight and speed of the pod, what about the other hover pods that actually exist in SS? Doesn't Paradise have a much larger pod that moves at a decent speed? Not saying you're not right, it would be slow as hell and definitely weigh a ton, but that can be altered depending on the need and most likely will be.

Server Suggestions / New species suggestion
« on: February 04, 2018, 02:28:10 AM »
(None of this is set in stone. Please do discuss or suggest any changes that you believe may enhance or otherwise improve the species, and don't be afraid to nitpick. I am suggesting the species because I believe it may have some legitimate capabilities to be a truly enjoyable species, and also among the more unique and 'alien' of the current available ones. If you believe they are too strong/weak given the information provided, or that one thing in particular makes them so, then by all means point it out. Anything here can and will change if necessary. As of the current moment I have an idea in progress as to their lore, government, and culture and what not, but I need more feedback on certain parts before I am able to completely give them a background that I am satisfied by.)

Name of species: Andromeda
Description: Aquatic life form bearing resemblance to a jellyfish. They are bio luminescent (their bodies give off light) and are virtually identical to one another with the exception of their body color and the color of their light. They are completely incapable of living outside of a body of water. Extremely frail, and is as good as dead in mere seconds if outside of a sufficient body of water (running water over it will NOT work, it MUST be within a body of water it is able to completely submerge itself in). They are roughly double the size of an average jellyfish, around 18-20 inches, but do not think of them as humanoid, because they're not. Their appendages cannot possibly support their (meager) weight let alone grab hold of anything and use it to any degree of success outside of water, therefore a simple suit filled with water won't work. Thus, in order to work off world, they have developed a unique device known simply as the Shell. Due to the frailty of their physical bodies, in addition to their nature as pseudo-jellyfish like creatures, surgery does little for them. The Shell is their only real defense against the outside world, and as it is entirely mechanical, someone with expertise involving mechanical constructs and how to repair them will instead be required if the damage is severe. All Andromeda are equipped with the most rudimentary knowledge of how to keep their Shell running and perform minor repairs, but anything past a dent in the hull will require more extensive mechanical knowledge.

Naming scheme: The Andromeda are unique in that they do not have 'names' per say. The Diona, for example, have experiences as their 'names'. The Andromeda, however, have emotions and/or concepts as their names when they interact with other species (The Andromeda normally do not have need for names as they experience the presence of each other as a unique sort of feeling. In short, to each other, the Andromeda are identified by a signature emotion or feeling that they give off, therefore they didn't need names until they met with other species). These names, for example, are such things as "Brave", "Shy", or even "Pride" or "Joy".

The Shell: In order to work off their home-world Lucerne (which is comprised of primarily water) they developed the 'Shell'. The Shell is a mechanical hover-pod that serves as their home away from home, it is filled with oxygenated water that constantly cycles fresh water vapor and oxygen from its surroundings when available. It is shaped like a sphere of approximately 48 inches in diameter, and is filled completely with water. The Shell has a number of extendable tendrils that serve as its arms, and are able to grasp and utilize complex items just as well as any other species. Due to the Andromeda being inside of a Shell, it obviously can't make use of a backpack or anything of the sort. Instead, the Shell comes equipped with an external and internal storage. The internal storage can only be accessed by the Andromeda piloting the Shell, whereas the external storage can be opened and used by anyone else in addition if need be. The Shell is capable of EVA usage, as it is immune to the pressure issues that space presents as well as maintaining a constant storage of oxygen and excess water that can last the Andromeda for nearly 24 hours with ease. The Shell itself is highly vulnerable to EMP due to the massive expenses that are need to fully EMP-proof an entire Shell. However, the secondary battery that activates in the event of the primary cell losing power is completely immune to the effects of EMP and has a separate storage of energy that is saved expressly for the purpose of powering life support and communications. Aside from this, a single EMP can outright disable a Shell and, by extension, taking an Andromeda out of commission (with the exception of communication) for a short time. The Shell power source is based around a special crystal that can only be found at the most extreme depths of the Andromeda home-world. When the crystal comes into contact with a material, such as water or even air, it purifies it through an unknown phenomenon that absorbs the impurities into itself, seemingly converted into pure energy that is used to power the Shell. The problem is, the crystal is only active when bathed in the light given off by a living Andromeda, and the reason behind this is a very closely guarded secret, likely due to the crystal's immense value should other species devise a way to utilize it. In the event of an EMP, the crystal can shortly be re-activated by even the slightest contact with energy, or via massive amounts of water kick-starting the process. As such, the effects of an EMP, while immediate and powerful, are only temporary. The Shell itself is made from a series of advanced metal plating, and is sturdy enough to withstand small arms fire with little trace of damage. Anything above small arms fire will leave visible denting and more serious damage, but still presents little threat provided the Andromeda can get away from the danger. However, Ion rifles in particular will punch through the Shell like a hot knife through butter, and will likewise spell instant death for the Andromeda. What's more, the metallic nature of the Shell and the large storage of water within it make for excellent conductors, which can easily prove fatal to any Andromeda to come into contact with a powerful enough surge. The Shell's crystal is part of the reason for the durability of it, as it draws impurities, anything from pure radiation to simple harmful bacteria, and nullifies it completely before converting it to energy. EMP's and electrical shocks are far too fast for the crystal to intercept them, and as such are the only legitimate threats to the Andromeda outside of someone out to kill them. While the Shell is durable, it is also made for easy access to its important core systems and components, due to the fact that as it is the sole lifeline for any off world Andromeda, and must be easily repairable in the case of the worst happening. As such, it is not all too difficult to crowbar open the hatch at the back of the Shell that leads to the cockpit after an EMP, which leads straight to a defenseless Andromeda. The Shell cannot be forcibly opened while fully active, and this is also the only way into it without attempting to break through solid steel plating; as there is no window or anything of the sort. Instead, the Andromeda sees the world around it through a series of extremely tiny cameras that line the Shell's exterior, allowing full 360 degree viewing at all times. A flash will temporarily shut down the cameras, but they will reactivate within seconds with negligible damage.

(The following section is merely an idea, it is not at all set in stone just as none of the prior information is, but this one is entirely up to the community if it should be implemented. I myself see this as being potentially too much, but also really like the idea, so I at least figured I should place it here in the event it isn't disliked for whatever reason, so do take it with just a small bit of skepticism.)
Abilities: The Andromeda possess a unique mental ability that can only be described as a unique empathic power. They are able to link to any single person, and can send emotions or feelings to that person. The emotions would do little more than make them feel happy or sad, or other things depending on what is sent (This is entirely cosmetic and role-play only, the person would get a message that they feel happy/sad/angry/etc.... but it wouldn't actually do anything and no, custom words would not be allowed, it would only be a choice between the provided options. That way, you can't make someone feel like "Glorp" or some other made up thing.) They can also make the person experience or feel things such as, for example, pain. They would suddenly feel a level of pain for no reason, depending on how much the Andromeda wants them to feel, even though they aren't actually injured in any way. It would dissipate almost as quickly as it occurred, but it is not limited to pain. The Andromeda could make them feel drowsy and pass out, or even make it so they feel little to no pain for a short time (This part would actually be more than cosmetic/role-play only, but again it can only be between one person and the Andromeda at a time, and the person can sever the connection at any time). The connection, known as a 'Link' to the Andromeda, can only be made when the two are within a small distance of one another and have a clear view of one another. After the Link is made, the feelings or emotions can be sent by the Andromeda (Not the other way around) at any point in time regardless of either one's position or status.

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